• Vancouver International Airport Domestic Terminal Building – Seismic upgrade design, including soil-structure dynamic analysis and full-scale testing of lateral deformation tolerance of timber piles.
  • Emergency Communications Facility, Vancouver - foundation design for post-disaster facility
  • Expo 86, Vancouver - Foundation design for numerous pavilions, and general site preparation
  • Doman Property Development - A 32-acre development. Work included: water edge stabilization, high-rise tower and low-rise building foundations, site preparation, services and bridge foundations.
  • Schools & Colleges - Kwantlen College, Cambie Secondary School, Sedgewick Library Seismic upgrade
  • Excavation, Shoring & underpinning – B.C. Courthouse Vancouver, Vancouver General Hospital, and several downtown highrise buildings.

Slope Stability

  • Slope Stability and Erosion Assessment – Wall Street Cliffs, Acadian Ravine, Mosquito Creek Ravine, Graham Drive landslide stabilization, & Delta Slope Hazard Permit boundary assessment.

Dock Facilities

  • Vanterm Expansion – Numerical analyses of caisson and piled dock structure to model seismic behaviour.
  • Lynnterm Container Feasibility study – preliminary design for using existing caisson dock structures to support large container cranes.
  • Whittier, Alaska Rail Barge off-load – sheetpile cofferdam and piled deck alternatives for barge dock.

Tanks & Reservoirs

  • Central Park & Cape Horn Reservoirs – Burnaby post-disaster seismic upgrade design
  • Cloverdale and New Westminster Sewerage overflow tanks – 50m diameter by 9m deep tanks founded within very soft and deep clay soils and water bearing sands respectively.


  • Seismic Retrofit design for Lions Gate, Oak Street, Port Mann, Mosquite Creek , Pitt River, and Teslin River (Yukon) Bridges – work for each typically included assessment of seismic risk, ground response to earthquake shaking, liquefaction risk and consequence, soil “springs” for dynamic analysis, foundation/soil interaction, and design of mitigative measures.
  • W.R. Bennett (Okanagan Lake) Bridge – Seismic analyses, foundation design, and embankment design for 1.5 km long bridge founded over very loose and very soft lake bottom soils. Proposed design includes piers founded on 50m deep 914 diameter piles and embankments constructed using light-weight expanded polystyrene fill.
  • Alex Fraser Bridge – Construction tiedown design (included full scale cyclic load tests)
  • Third Avenue Overpass Bridge, New Westminster – Site investigation & foundation design – Geotechnical Engineer of Record
  • White River Bridge, Yukon – Site Investigation, Seismic Response Analyses, and field review.
  • Churn Creek Bridge – upgrade design for old two lane suspension bridge over the Fraser River
  • Golden Ears Bridge – Six lane bridge over Fraser River at Fort Langley with liquefiable sand over deep soft clay subsoil – Geotechnical Engineer of Record for main span and approaches (under construction)
  • RAV Rapid Transit Bridge – over North Arm of Fraser River – Geotechnical consultant & reviewer.


  • George Massey Tunnel – Seismic upgrade design for major tunnel under Fraser River (structural component complete)

Dams & Reservoirs

  • Tulsequah Mines Tailings Dams – Dynamic numerical modelling to assess seismic performance
  • Ruskin Dams – Review and dynamic numerical modelling to assess seismic performance of right abutment slope.